Managing payroll, superannuation, and Single Touch Payroll (STP) compliance can be a complex and time-consuming task for businesses of all sizes.

Ensuring accurate and timely processing while staying up to date with ever-changing regulations is essential. At Square Up Consulting, we provide comprehensive solutions that streamline your payroll processes, simplify superannuation management, and ensure seamless STP compliance, giving you peace of mind that all your obligations have been met.

Why choose Square Up Consulting for payroll, superannuation and STP?

Reduce errors

Our payroll services are designed to simplify the entire payroll process, from calculating wages to generating payslips and managing employee records. With our expertise and advanced payroll software, we help you automate routine tasks to minimise errors and free up your valuable time.

Simplify superannuation management

Managing employee superannuation contributions can be complex and time consuming. Our superannuation solutions simplify the process by automating contribution calculations, generating payment files, and ensuring compliance. We seamlessly integrate with superannuation funds, allowing you to streamline contribution submissions and reduce manual paperwork helping you effortlessly meet your superannuation obligations and keep your employees’ retirement savings on track.

Streamlined STP compliance

As the Australian tax reporting standard, Single Touch Payroll (STP) requires employers to report payroll information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) each time they pay their employees. Complying with STP regulations can be daunting, but with our STP solutions, you can easily meet your reporting obligations while adopting easy-to-follow processes.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our comprehensive solutions can simplify your payroll processes, ensure compliance, and save you time.

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Client Reviews

  • I have only good comments to say about Square up Consulting : a very reliable and efficient team. They always deliver with a smile ! Thank you Annemarie & Helen!


    Our firm has been extremely blessed to have engaged the services of Square Up! We started with simple training but have had a world of opportunities open to us with the knowledge of new systems for our business, programs and simple procedures that have made our day to day lives in business much simpler!! Thanks ladies ☺️

    Tash McMaster Avatar Tash McMaster

    These women absolute game changers, they are warm and approachable but are also able to cut right to the chase. They know their stuff inside out and will sort yours efficiently and effectively. If you want to feel empowered and confident about your business/personal financial position get in contact with them. We are so grateful to have found them and to have their support.

    Prestige Vets Avatar Prestige Vets
  • Squareup Consulting helped me set my business up on Xero and linked it to Tradify for me. Tradify is great sofware for tradies that tracks my jobs, appointments and quotes. Helen and Annemarie made the process easy and helped me to understand the software. Highly recommend their services.

    Alex Louvet Avatar Alex Louvet