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Bookkeeping Packages and Fees

We believe in having flexible solutions when it comes to our fee structures and bookkeeping packages.  Importantly we offer hourly rates, ongoing bookkeeping packages and fixed fee quotations for specific jobs. Payment for our bookkeeping packages is weekly or monthly. They are totally flexible.

Fixed fees are particularly suited to large software conversions (as we often do). Not only to avoid bill shock at the end of project, but it also to define our services.

Some clients only need help with their software setup and training. In this instance, we will suggest a fixed fee for the software setup but an hourly rate for training. The amount of training required depends on each individual client’s ability. Training is normally for 2 to 3 hours in total. So, 2-3 one hour sessions.  You should reach a proficient level in this time.

In addition, our packages are most suited to clients with ongoing bookkeeping and requirements. Please contact us for a copy of our packages. Our packages are not set in stone. We can easily add tasks to suit individual circumstances.

With tailored bookkeeping packages like ours, we can unfortunately not give telephone quotations.  We understand that some clients are super price driven. We suggest that you rethink your strategy if you are ringing around trying to find the cheapest bookkeeper.  A cheap hourly rate most often,  does not equate to a low bookkeeping bill. Cheap hourly rates often become very expensive bookkeeping fixes. We are often asked to correct errors or start from scratch.

Please look at our blog articles. It explains the differences between a person doing data entry and a qualified bookkeeper. It also explains what a registered BAS agent is. Please do lots of homework and ask lots of questions before you choose a bookkeeper.

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